Work in progress

Here is a snapshot of some of the things I am working on , you can see several oil paintings of the woods around my house and the sculpture of the Woodcock.


  1. Hi Paul,
    Everything looks great.
    Do you use Pottery Supply House's 515 clay for your sculptural work? I see the boxes under the table in the photo. I use Tuckers Mid Smooth Stone C6 to throw with, but have been looking for something else for my larger sculptural pieces. Most are wheel thrown, bisqued and then finished in the raku kiln so 515 might work out pretty good. I still have your Orca sculpture from when I was working for Mary Rose at Pinecroft. Hope to see you soon.

  2. Hi Gene, great to here from you. I do use this clay for my sculpture. I am very interested in your art and would love to have you drop by. Give me a call first and we could catch up and talk clay. I remember the Orca sculpture and hope it has stood the test of time. See you.


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