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Springtime chores 6x12 inches oil on canvas. Available.

Susan in September a look at the steps I took to arrive at this final version.

Plein air painting on the lake Erie cliffs near Port Bruce.

Susan in September. 14x18 inch oil on canvas

Plein air painting in Port Stanley.

Collecting Beach Glass 14x14 in. Oil on canvas.

Port Bruce Sunny Morning. 16x16 inch oil on canvas

Iris. 16x12 inches Oil

Iris afternoon. June 2017 27x11 inches Oil

Spring Reading 14x11 oil

Summer reading 18x24 in oil.

Simcoe fair Clydes. 11x11 inches oil.

Apricot blossoms. 10x8 oil.

Two Lambs 12x10 inches oil on canvas.

Two Lambs 16x16 inches oil on canvas.

Nepal Street Scene 24 x9 inches Oil on canvas

Elgin County Farmer

Fall Geese at Springwater

Canada Goose at Springwater